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Any colour, no compromise.

At Flooring Village, we don't just retail off the shelf floors, we help you create your very own! We are proud to show you our exclusive "Truly Yours" range. With over 200 years' experience in staining and finishing wood floors, our warehouse will take any size, shape or type of engineered wood flooring and stain it to your exact colour. We can take any colour, scan it, make the stain, apply the stain and there we have it, your brand new and personal to you, floor. We can scan sofa fabric, curtains and other floors to make sure your new wood floor is exactly the colour you need it.

Colour Matching

If your eye can see it, We can colour match it.

Whether you are matching a pair of curtains, a kitchen worktop or a rug, as long as we can scan the colour we can make a stain just for you.
Find a sample of the colour you would like matched. This could be anything from a piece of fabric, wallpaper, your favourite item of clothing, or household accessories. Just make sure the item is a solid colour and avoid anything really shiny. As long as the surface area is 10cm diameter, we should be able to match it.

Exact colour matching, it's as simple as 123...

1. Bring in or send us your item
Take a look on our contact us page for more details on how to find us.

2. We'll mix your bespoke floor stain
We mix up your new stain and prepare a sample on to engineered wood for you, with the finish you desire.
For more information on finishes please view the products below.
To view the range of engineered floors available, please see below.

3. Enjoy your new look
Turn your inspiration into a reality and bring to life your very own and personal engineered wood floor.

Truly Yours Colour Matching Service:
We can match any item we can scan, if we can’t scan it then we can’t match it. i.e. we can’t scan anything that’s shiny, doesn’t provide a solid enough colour to match or is smaller than 10cm sq.

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