Laminate Flooring Plank Length


Laminate Flooring by Plank LengthLong laminate flooring planks can make your room feel more spacious where as small planks create more of a pattern on the floor itself which can in turn make your home feel bigger. Plank length is all down to personal preference and how your room feels and looks with a long or short plank all depends on your own taste and decor. To view our ranges of long and short planks please see below.


Laminate flooring can change the way your room feels, commonly colour will be the biggest factor however, plank length is becoming more of a complicated choice. Long laminate flooring can and will change the dynamics of your home, long laminate flooring will make a spacious room look and feel bigger, whereas a long plank laminate floor in a small room may close the room up and make it feel smaller, this is mainly due to not seeing as much of the plank in the room. We would always recommend a long plank laminate flooring in a big open space, giving a truly grand feeling to the room.