Laminate Flooring Colour & Tone


Laminate Flooring Colour ChartThe first thing any prospective laminate floor buyer will do is look for colour, some argue this is the most important factor because this is what you see and live with for the years to come and if you get it wrong, would you be able to live with it?

In the world of laminate flooring, colour and design could be seperated in to three groups; Natural, Light & Dark this is however fast changing and we have more colours, like; Greys, Pinks, Yellows, Browns and Blues coming in to the market.

We'll break down below how certain colours and tones can make your home feel, hopefully this helps with your laminate flooring choice.


Where do we start, grey laminate flooring is by far one of the best selling laminate floors in the UK, Grey offers the feeling of space, cleanliness and simplicity.

Grey Laminate flooring is a neutral and calming colour, introducing these tones in to your home will allow for more vibrant accessories; sofa throws, cushions and feature walls. Grey laminate flooring gives you the perfect black canvas without jeprodising texture, warmth and laminate flooring full of character


When someone mentions laminate flooring we think of beech, maple or oak, the originals of laminate flooring. As tastes and technology move forward, interior design cries out for a different colours, such as white. White laminate flooring has always been considered a no go when it comes to keep it clean, but with new technologies keeping white laminate floors, well, white is as easy a laminate floor cleaner and microfibre mop. White laminate flooring allow us to have a blank canvas on our floors, allowing us to furnish and decorate how we please and still giving a light, clean and spacious feel to your home.
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"Black is too dull, boring and make my room feel closed in" - Everybody.  We're here to tell you that everybody is wrong! Black laminate flooring is perfect for adding depth and texture to your home, allowing you to mix colours perfectly creating somewhere warm, peacful and full of character. Black Laminate flooring is perfect for the bold & brave that have a flair for interior design.

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