Laminate Flooring by Thickness

Laminate Flooring by Thickness

Laminate Floors come in a range of different thicknesses and this is for many different reasons, some for stability, some are thicker for wear, some are thicker due to the design or effect on the plank. Click Read More to find out what thickness laminate flooring will be more suited to your needs and then use the filters on the left hand side to find them.

5mm to 7mm Thick Laminate Flooring. A laminate floor between 5mm - 7mm is classed as an entry level laminate floor and is designed for low traffic areas such as bedrooms & studies. Even though these are the thinnest boards on the market, this does not compromise quality.

8mm to 10mm Thick Laminate Flooring. Laminate floors with a thickness of 8mm to 10mm are designed with quality and heavy footfall in mind. The best selling thickness of laminate is 8mm, it is strong enough to offer wear guarantees of up to 30 years and be structurally sound under foot.

11mm - 14mm Thick Laminate Flooring. A laminate floor with a thickness of 11mm and upwards is designed for one thing, stability. A board of this thickness will feel strong underfoot even over not so perfect subfloors. A common misconception is that the wear ability is greater in thicker products but this isn't case, it is all down to how strong the plank is rather than the wear layers.

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