Laminate Flooring Brands

Choosing a laminate flooring brand can be hard with so many in the market. At Flooring Village, we pride ourselves on only using the best laminate flooring brands, and knowing which laminate flooring brands to avoid in 2020. These have been tried and tested by our showroom and installation team over the years. To learn more about the best quality laminate flooring brands, and why we love them, read on below.

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring 

Quick-Step is one of the best laminate flooring brands out there. Their floors are easy to install and designed to remain beautiful. ‘Majestic’, ‘Impressive (Ultra)’, 'Eligna' and 'Classic' laminate floors have an innovative, water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating even in the grooves, so that no water can penetrate. Cleaning has never been so easy. The colour and design extend right into the joint, creating the feeling of real wood. 

Thanks to the Scratch Guard top coating, Quick-Step laminate floors are up to ten times more resistant to scratches than many other laminate floor brands. Scratch Guard gives your floor lasting protection against wear and tear from falling objects and furniture marks. Moreover, your new Quick-Step laminate floor comes with a long guarantee for up to 25 years: your guarantee of years of carefree living.                                                

Woodpecker Laminate Flooring 

Simply, Woodpecker is one of the best quality laminate flooring brands in the world. Woodpecker has a passion for laminate flooring that shines through in every product they make. A minimum 25-year guarantee for every floor, as well as bespoke colour-matching accessories. 

Woodpecker is a family-run business with a heritage in the timber industry that goes back three generations. Founded by Bruce Ker in 1975, he was a skilled craftsman who loved teaching people how to work with wood. His son carried on the tradition, focusing the business on laminate.

Egger Laminate Flooring 

Egger have been one of the best laminate flooring brands for more than 20 years, and is one of the leading suppliers in Europe.  Their high-quality laminate is particularly durable, universally usable, and their Aqua+ laminate flooring is moisture resistant. 

Because the environment is very important to Egger in the production of their laminate flooring, they only use timber from sustainably managed forests. Renovating? Egger laminate is an optimal and cost-effective solution with simple installation, thanks to a patented laminate click systems.

Elka Laminate Flooring 

Elka is not a laminate flooring brand to avoid - it's often chosen for its strength, the flexibility of click installation and overall stability. It perfectly mimics a solid wood floor in strength and appearance. Elka laminate floors come with a 20 or 25-year guarantee and offer amazing value.

FAUS Laminate Flooring 

Each FAUS laminate flooring has been created with the artisan in mind, destined to last over time maintaining its natural beauty and technical qualities. To achieve this, FAUS invest all their resources and efforts in designing every detail of each piece, applying unique manufacturing processes and selecting each material with the higher rigor. They're one of the best laminate flooring brands around for individuality.

The results obtained are inimitable decorative solutions, original, exclusive and with a marked character of sophistication and elegance. They identify products with the way of life of their customers, getting integrated inside their homes, offices and spaces in a natural way. Modern, rustic and vintage designs form our range of FAUS interior laminated floors, offering a wide variety of unique shades and finishes.

Berry Alloc Laminate Flooring 

Close your eyes and imagine your dream floor. Stone. Wood. Vintage tiles. So many options… Stop searching, the Berry Alloc laminate collection offers excellent quality floors for every taste. Berry Alloc planks come in various dimensions, so you can choose the one that suits your home best. One of our best quality laminate flooring brands, Berry Alloc is easy to clean, quick to install and offers limitless possibilities.

Balterio Flooring 

Offering a combination of quality and value, our collection of Balterio laminate flooring is perfect for transforming busy areas of your home including your kitchen or bathroom. Offering a surface that is almost indistinguishable from real wood floors, Balterio laminate flooring is stylish, practical and affordable. One of the oldest and best laminate flooring brands, with a wealth of new technology under its belt.

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