Unfinished‌ ‌Engineered‌ ‌Wood‌ Flooring

For those looking for a highly customisable, stylish flooring, look no further than unfinished engineered wood flooring. Crafted from hardwood perfectly suited to both lacquer or oil treatment, using unfinished engineered wood flooring ensures a bespoke look without compromising on sustainability or durability. This natural flooring offers a unique finish giving an extra smooth but still textured, real hardwood look and feel to each engineered wood plank.

To create an unfinished engineered wood floor, bottom layers of plywood are bonded together with a top piece of real, solid wood. This gives a genuine wood finish but with added durability and strength, this will keep the floor of your rooms looking brand new for decades. Our unfinished wood engineered floors are not supplied with any treatment oil or lacquers, giving you the freedom to choose a custom finish, creating a truly bespoke and unique wood flooring.

Choose your desired finish

We recommend choosing an unfinished engineered wood flooring when you have a specific colour or preferred product for finishing your new floor with. On more traditional wood flooring, tints and stains are generally be applied to the bare timber, prior to sealing meaning you only have the choice of manufacturers colours to choose from, whereas applying your own finish gives greater options to customise your chosen unfinished engineered wood flooring.

Our unfinished engineered wood floors feature a smooth finish with filled knots. Some of our unified wood boards can be supplied with a micro bevel or square edge finish. However, once the floor is laid, an unfinished floor featuring square edges should be sanded all over to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.

Choosing an unfurnished engineered wood floor to suit your home is easy! Simply browse our wide selection and use our handy calculators to see how many packs you will need for each room.

Unfinished Pipe Covers (x2)
£8.33 exc VAT
Woodpecker Chepstow Rustic Oak Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring 189mm 65-HMU-001 Woodpecker Chepstow Rustic Oak Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring 189mm 65-HMU-001
Woodpecker Solid Oak Skirting Boards Lacqured or Unfinished 2.35m Woodpecker Solid Oak Skirting Boards Lacquered or Unfinished 2.35m
£42.08 exc VAT