Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring, What is it?

17 January 2019 By Flooring Village


Brief history

Parquet Engineered wood flooring can be traced back to aristocracy and its rooted in the sixteenth century in France. In France, this kind of wood flooring replaced the marble floors that were used in the country estates. Parquetry basically came into existence owing to the invention of various sizes of blocks of wood that had an oblong shape and could be fitted in a sort of geometric design. The very original parquet designs are located in Edwardian homes located in the united kingdom, and the most widely used pattern is the 3-finger style which is a square pattern that comprises 3 blocks that are joined to form a square.

Parquet has undergone so much evolution today just like the standard wood floors which come in solid or engineered forms, and the only differentiating factor is that it gives you the ability to be more creative while designing it.

What is parquet Engineered wood flooring?

Parquet Engineered wood flooring refers to a wood floor in the form of small blocks instead of long planks. Due to the shape, as well as, the block sizes you can design geometric patterns. Parquet blocks could be derived from any wood species while giving you the ability to select solid wood, as well as engineered. When it comes to color and patterns, the blocks will be influenced by the wood species and the type of surface finish that you select. Engineered floors are made up of several types of wood and layers, this creates a cheaper, enviromentally friendly and more stable floor.

Different styles of parquet Engineered wood flooring

Herringbone pattern

This pattern is used to form a v shape, and the blocks are usually placed in a 45-degree angle.

Brick bond pattern

In this pattern, the blocks are usually placed in rows and are laid out in a parallel form. Therefore, it will result in your floors resembling a brickwork design.

Basketweave pattern

In this pattern, the blocks are usually kept in an angle of 90 degrees and to produce a pattern looks like a basket weave, it is important to make sure that the width of the blocks can divide its length.

No matter the style of your home, parquet engineering wood flooring can give your home a variety of personalities. Whatever pattern you decide to go with, you are guaranteed a perfect and decorative future.

How to install parquet engineering wood flooring

Installing parquet engineering wood flooring is not such an easy task due to the intricate designs that they come with and will require that you put in some extra effort to get great results. Getting prepared is one of the essential steps no matter what type of style you decide to go with. Here is an overview of how to install the parquet wood flooring.

Getting prepared

if you’re making use of materials that are wet, ensure that they are dry prior to being installed. Then again, be sure that every tool that will be needed for a successful installation is present. Although they may be variations in some of the needed tools, basic tools like spacers, saws, taping blogs, and more have to be present.

Subfloor preparation

To ensure that your new parquet engineering wood flooring is secure and properly fitted, your subfloor must be prepared. Regardless of the kind of fitting method to be used, a dry, as well as, even and solid subfloor is essential. Different kinds of flooring require varied preparation methods.

Concrete and tiles

Ensure that your subfloor is adequately cleaned then, take out all forms of debris, grease, as well as broken tiles. This is because foreign objects result in an uneven parquet flooring. Next, carry out an assessment of the level of moisture in the concrete base as moisture can lead to board movement and will cause adhesives not to work well. Now, get your subfloor leveled and ensure that there are no variations in height. You can make use of a belt sander to ensure that all peaks are reduced.

Existing Hardwood Flooring

This kind of flooring has a higher tendency to move. Get any squeaks amended if this is going to be your subfloor. If you feel movement in any area, use a nail or screw to get it tightened up. After securing the existing hardwood flooring, get it cleaned up.

Adapt your parquet engineering wood flooring

Once you have gotten the area prepared, simply get your parquet blocks acclimatized. To guarantee that the flooring remains secure once fitted, try as much as possible to introduce the boards, at least, 2 weeks before they are installed.


Get each wall measured and, then, indicate its center. Then, create an intersection by extending the chalk line directly to connect with the opposite wall. This should be where you start your installation. Depending on what method that you decide to use, you will need to vary your installation process. There are different steps for different methods, so, confirm before you begin to install. Parquet engineering wood flooring patterns vary, so, select a design that you are comfortable with. Parquet has undergone so much evolution today just like the standard wood floors which come in solid or engineer forms, and the only differentiating factor is that it gives you the ability to be more creative while designing it.

Manufacturers of parquet engineering wood flooring

Tuscan Modelli Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring

Tuscan has a wide range of accessories which give the parquet engineering wood flooring a professional finish. Its flooring trends result in a smooth transition and can be selected in a wide range of colors.

Elka Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring

Elka is known to fuse strength, as well as, stability and near perfect installation to create engineered wood floors that are reliable. It wood floor is designed to look just like the product of solid wood, and they are arranged uniquely in directions that are opposite to make them more stable and, then, the completion is done using hardwood wear layer.

Woodpecker Goodrich Parquet Flooring

Woodpecker is a renowned parquet engineering wood flooring company and can be traced back to about three generations. It was founded in 1975 and has continued to perpetuate the tradition of quality in woodworking machinery. Woodpecker is known for its understanding of the various species of trees, as well as, its superb grading process, and it has applied these techniques to ensure that every floor is finished in an expert manner. Over the years, woodpecker has perfected its parquet engineering wood flooring skills.

Atkinson & Kirby Parquet Flooring

When it comes to parquet engineering wood flooring, Atkinson & Kirby are a renowned British based manufacturer in the hardwood flooring industry. Its choice selection of very reliable and solid flooring is manufactured in its own mill. Atkinson and Kirby can be traced back to 1903 and are widely known for the strength and quality of the wood that they produce which undergoes very thorough inspection during the production stages to ensure that it is free of defects or faults. Atkinson and Kirby have a meticulous selection process as they ensure that the wood has the right origins and is gotten from a source that is very much sustainable. This feat has earned them the FSC certification.

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