Narrow wood flooring for that classic and stately look!

18 January 2019 By Flooring Village

Narrow wood flooring for that classic and stately look!

Flooring is one of the key aspects that determine how good your house looks. Therefore, it is important to have the best flooring there is. When you have a house that has a regal look to it, the flooring too should emanate that vibe. Narrow wood flooring is the solution to achieve that classic and stately look for your flooring.

What is narrow wood flooring?

Narrow wood flooring is a type of flooring that uses thin or narrow planks, usually 15 cm or less. It has been the choice of flooring for centuries in the high-end houses or chateaus. Due to the small width of the plank, you can use a wide variety of trees to make them, increasing the number of options for you. With such a wide variety of options to choose, you can surely get one that best suits your home and tastes.

Where should you use it?

Choosing between narrow wood flooring and wide planks can get confusing but it is important that you have clarity of thought regarding this to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing look for your house. Ideally, in a small room, wide planks are preferable so that they make the room look bigger. In larger rooms, you can go for either, but we’d suggest going with narrow planks. Since the room is big, narrow planks will make it look cleaner and give it a classy touch. Even though these effects are only a visual interpretation, the right type of flooring is instrumental in determining the type of décor you will have.

What should be the setting for this?

It isn’t necessary to use the narrow planks for every room or setting. You may want to use it for a more casual setting. This will ensure that you get the expected vibes from the room. It is important to note that it doesn’t always depend on the setting as the furniture can determine which type of planks to use. If you have a high-end dining set, then it may require highly polished narrow planks, so that the flooring compliments the furniture. Therefore, the use of narrow wood flooring depends on the overall setting of the room and the vibes you are expecting to get from it.

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