14 February 2019 By Flooring Village

Why Narrow Engineered Wood Flooring?

Imagine your place floored with a highly durable structure flooring with just a tiny proportion of the width of most of the wooden floors. Narrow Engineered Wood Flooring does exactly that. This flooring is constructed from numerous layers of compressed timbers and is finished with a surface layer of solid wood veneer. These wood floors also have an unparalleled strength and stability. These narrow engineered wooden floors look like the traditional hardwood floors. The textures and grains of these boards look stunning even though these floorings are shorter in plank length when compared with other floorboards. With an intricate and stately design, your house can be transformed into a country home or a classic French chateau.

Benefits of Narrow Engineered Wood Floors

People usually tend to judge narrow wood floorboards to be less stable, and more vulnerable to shrinking and warping due to the floorboards reduced width. These narrow engineered wooden floors are built with ensured durability, stability and strength, which makes it a good, competent alternative to other wooden floorings. From a visual point of view, narrow engineered wooden flooring provides wonderful effects. These floorboards also allow for more unique and interesting floor designs which include herringbone and chevron patterns. In addition to all these benefits, these narrow wooden floorings bring a proportion to larger spaces, making the rooms look bigger, warm and welcoming with its complex textures.

Variety of Choices Available

These narrow engineered wooden floors come in various styles and colours so the customers can select the appropriate choice that suits both, their personality and the environment of their home. These narrow engineered wooden floors are available in solid acacia, solid oak and solid walnut. The best decorative elegance of oak, the high contrast grains of acacia and the reformed feel of walnut makes these narrow wooden floorboards a spectacular wooden flooring.

Even though these narrow wood floorings are shorter, they are offered with a variety of lengths which allows you to be creative with your new wooden floorboards. All types of narrow engineered wooden floors come in an ample range of styles, thickness, colours and finishes. To top all the choices that are available, they also provide exceptional types of accessories in order to make it easier for you to select this product.

The Best Wooden Flooring Option

The best way to have traditional wooden flooring in your place that has the best stability and strength. Look out for the best choice that suits both you and your home’s personality. For the best quality flooring contact us today. You can reach us by phone, email or by filling out the contact form on our site. We try to reply within 24 hours.

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