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Aqua-Step Mini Stone Tile, Ceramics and Aqua Step Wood 100% Waterproof flooring.

Aqua-Step Mini Stone Tile, Ceramics and Aqua Step Wood 100% Waterproof laminate flooring.
Aqua-Step Stone, Wood and Ceramics is 100% waterproof laminate flooring, designed to give you peace of mind no matter the situation. Aqua-Step is designed in such a way that it is resistant to moisture which makes it the ideal floor for a bathroom, kitchen, utility and it has even been installed into a car showroom. With that in mind Aqua-Step laminate flooring is the best possible floor for all commercial applications, such as saunas, restaurants and shops as it meets all high specifications you would expect a commercial floor to have. Cleaning and maintaining Aqua-Step laminate flooring could never be easier. It can be cleaned with just soap and water which in turn will keep the Aqua-Step flooring extremely hygienic. As well as being able to be cleaned efficiently the floor is designed to repel bacteria, mould & allergies. Significant technology has been implemented into Aqua-Step

flooring which prevents anything from living or penetrating the floor. Installing Aqua-Step flooring could not be easier. Designed with the UNICLIC locking system (the best in the market) it means that installing this waterproof laminate flooring could not be better. The Aqua-Step fitting system also means you can re-install your aqua-step flooring more than once! Flooring Village are product to be an Aqua-Step Ceramic, Stone, Wood & Accessories stockist.

Aqua-Step 100% Waterproof laminate flooring has many benefits and features including 100% Waterproof, Allergy Resistant, IC3 Rated, 20year Warranty, AC4 Rated, -30DB sound Reduction, Warmer than normal laminate floors, Soap Washable & Anti-Bacterial.

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